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Why choose Everun Company?

We Buy All Kinds

1: HDPE: drum, bucket, pipe, jug, bottle, cap, sheet, purge, film, drip hose, drip tape, IBC, pesticide container, pellet, crate, pallet etc. all kinds of HDPE

2: LDPE: rolls, A film, B film, salt bag, greenhouse film, purge, resin, off spec resin, floorsweep. And so on.

3: PP: corrugated, bottle, crate, resin, pp natural film

4: PS: trays, spools, purge, yogurt cup, regrind, rolls, all kinds of PS

5: ABS: purge, sheet, regrind, parts, all kinds of ABS 

6: PC: water bottle, runners, purge, sheet, all kinds of pc.

7: PET: natural purge, trays, clamshell post industrial etc.

8: Others: off spec resin, resin and so on.

We Are Flexible

We accept mixed/combo load, we always have bookings on hand to move material easilier, we pay fast or COD payment.

We Deliver High Quality

We have 3 warehouses to store scrap materials and 80 skilled workers do sorting and cleanning; we have washing line to wash material making sure super clean raw material to feed our pelletizing machine; we have two plants equiped total 10 product lines for pelletizing, 70 workers and engineers are running and operating in two shifts; monitoring and controling the quality outcome to meet our customer's need.


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